EnZone Records, label for the Misplaced LP
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Hand Full of Pieces

(EP, EnZone Records, june 2016)

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Front cover of the Hand Full of Pieces EP


  1. A Poem
  2. Fade Out
  3. Silly
  4. You
  5. Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd cover)

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(LP, EnZone Records, october 2015)

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Front cover of the Misplaced LP


  1. She's so Dingy
  2. Bind
  3. Love Song(The Cure cover)
    *cd only bonus track
  4. Immigrant Ian
  5. Clay
  6. K&R
  7. Poison Belly
  8. Who Cares
  9. Paper Man
  10. Daimon

Download the first half FOR FREE: link 1 | link 2

Physical copy: email us at daimon.band [at] libero.it for the details. The price for the cd is 10€.

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Flowers, Butterflies and the Moon

(EP, self-produced, december 2014)

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Front cover of the Flower, Butterflies and the Moon EP


  1. Creeper
  2. Heart of Gold(Neil Young cover)
  3. It's a Rainy Day
  4. Blue Eyes
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What's Strange in...

(EP, self-produced, may 2014)

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Front cover for the What's Strange in... EP


  1. Black Petrol
  2. Happy Song
  3. Set Me Down
  4. Hue
  5. Strange/Old (I'm Not the Only...)
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