EnZone Records, label for the Misplaced LP
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The band

City Bologna, Italy
Years active 2013 - today
Genres alternative, punk, hard rock
Influences The Cure, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Flaming Lips, Fugazi, Ramones, Kinks, Dinosaur Jr., The Stooges, ...
Current label EnZone Records, label for the Misplaced LP
The band in formation: from left to right, Corrado, Andrea, Francesco

Three are the strapping young lads who play in Daimon:

Corrado, guitar player and singer for Daimon Corrado sings and plays the guitar, or at least he tries to.

Francesco, bass player for Daimon Francesco plays the bass and little else.

Andrea, drummer for Daimon Andrea plays drums, when he doesn't smash them down.

The band is one of the least influencing ones in Bologna, Italy.

Corrado and Andrea meet in 2013 and give birth to the group's first formation which, scorning the dull cover-oriented italian reality, begins at once to write the first, horrible-sounding original songs. After the brief appearance of a first bass player and the recording in May 2014 of the EP What's Strange in..., Francesco makes his stable entrance in the band, which now finally finds a good common ground between influences, ideas and way of understanding music. Apart from One Direction and the never forgotten Backstreet Boys, the band's main idols, the three boys find in fact incredibly easy to accept each other's musical proposals, whether they're Corrado's when he tries to put on a random Cure album, Francesco's when he inevitably comes out with Fugazi as the main conversational topic, or Andrea's when he says to like Black Sabbath and nothing else eccept Black Sabbath, apart instead those rare times when he prefers Black Sabbath.

Daimon jamming with style in their garage-rehearse place

A second EP, Flowers, Butterflies and the Moon, entirely self-played, self-recorded, self-produced and self-printed, comes out in December 2014 and rapidly becomes famous as one of the least heard records of all times. It contains, apart three original tracks, the band's first, shy attempt at the maiming of famous songs: he who first fell in this vile scheme was Neil Young, with his Heart of Gold. The band apologized in public for the mayhem, but Young proved himself a good-hearted man and incouraged the band to keep on the good work, although maybe to settle for another victim, the next time.

The desperation of not finding a single live club in which to play brings Daimon to the decision of sending their EPs to all of Italy's finest underground labels. To the band's great amazement, every single label refuses to show even the slightest interest in the two splendid works. Every single label? No! Because EnZone Records, sicilian label extraordinaire, bravely succeeds in finding the beauty hidden deep in the songs received and sends for the band, proposing a billions-worth contract and the possibility of recording the first LP in its sicilian headquarters. Daimon find it difficult to believe their own ears and plunge head-first in this exciting new adventure, hoping that people at EnZone won't have the time to listen again to the songs and realize what terrible mistake they have made.

The band with Giuseppe Barbera, producer at the EnZone Records

After a month of hard work, Misplaced, the band's first LP is recorded and scheduled to come out in October 2015, anticipated by two singles and their videos: Bind, out in the first days of September, and K&R, in the last days. Great things are expected!

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