EnZone Records, label for the Misplaced LP
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Contact us!

Are you the owner of a live club and you want us to play in it? WRITE US!
We live in Bologna but we are available to play in all the adjacent cities and even those not so close.

Are you planning to stage a music festival and you want us to have a part in it? WRITE US!

Are you throwing a private party and you want us to rock it? WRITE US!
We love parties, but please remember not to let Andrea drink before the performance.

Something's wrong with the website? WRITE US!
The website is entirely handmade by the three of us, so be forgiving about those little smears...

That's all very cool, but how may I write you?

A fancy contact form is coming soon, but for the time being to contact us simply write at daimon.band [at] libero.it

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